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Ikea comes home for the holidays

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Have a look at the festive Vinter collection and check out these tips for a Happy New Year

AS THE festive season is approaching, Ikea is launching a new collection, Vinter 2018, in time for shoppers to prepare their homes for parties. The collection offers decorative items including LED lighting, pillowcases, baking tools, gift-wrap and ribbons and authentic Swedish baked goods and pastries.
Here are a few home-decoration ideas for the festive season.

Ikea comes home for the holidays

Ikea has launched Vinter 2018 collection with a variety of decorative items to celebrate the festive season.

New Year’s Eve is when many of us enjoy spending time with family and friends or throwing a cosy party at home. And food is definitely the highlight of any party. So let’s count down to some joyful moments to prepare a feast with food, drinks and delightful conversation and camaraderie. It’s time to show off your cooking skills and creativity. 
Set up a fine dining table to create just the right atmosphere and ask for help if needed. Start off by adding your own unique identity to the table by choosing some pretty tableware and a table cover with patterns that fit well with the holiday season.
Your helper here can be flat and dry Knackebrod (crispbread). It mainly contains rye flour and is rich in fibre. Crispbread is famous in Sweden and is served at every meal, making this the perfect choice to share during break time or to serve as snacks instead of crackers. It is usually served with butter, cheese and fruit or smoked salmon, cold meats, pates and dips. 
For those who are planning to spend the last night of the year with someone special, nothing can be better than having quality time together on a date night and enjoying a romantic candle-lit dinner.
The right lighting and temperature help to enhance the heart-warming atmosphere in the room. Try using different shapes of candleholders and lamps. For example, use round or heart shapes to create a variety of effects that can improve the lighting and mood.
You may spend some time during the holidays making DIY gifts or decorating gift boxes for family and friends. Gift boxes can also be used as decorative items to brighten up a room and create a festive atmosphere.

Ikea comes home for the holidays

Some people prefer spending their holiday time solo, to relax and escape from the hectic pace of daily life. They just want to have some time alone and to maybe treat themselves, for example, decorating their favourite corner to relax and recharge for the exciting year ahead.
Enhance your entire home with the right selection of furniture and home furnishing items in curvy shapes, or items with a combination of gold, yellow, red or white to create a more elegant vibe, thereby giving your room an extra special sparkle.
Even a minor change in your room can boost the ambience, offering an improvement over a more monotonous or boring feel. Colourful artificial flowers or boxes can instantly add a new dimension to your room adding a sense of style.

Published : November 23, 2018

By : The Sunday Nation