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How to reach that distant football goal

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Re: “Mu Pa boys hope to lead Thailand to World Cup finals one day”, National, September 7.

Thai football standards have changed and its professionalism has developed, but not enough to achieve that goal.
There are a lot of football academies, but most are located in big cities. 
And some might charge fees for the training, barring underprivileged children who are interested in the sport.
There are insufficient professional coaches for training children properly to turn them into as smart players. We also need more standard football fields and training equipment.
Two years ago only a few Thai footballers had found positions in foreign leagues, like in Japan and Belgium, which have standards higher than those of Thailand. 
We should encourage many Thai players to gain experience and develop their potential overseas so that they can return to play with the Thai national team. 
Meanwhile Thai footballers at home would have role models for their own self- development and that of their clubs, raising the number of smart footballers.
We, as cheering team, have to encourage the Thai clubs, whether in the provinces or at league level, to develop a sufficient number of quality footballers who could qualify for the national team.
Support like this might significantly increase the quality of our footballers to at least the lever of those in South Korea, Japan, Iran and Saudi Arabia, which are the four Asian countries that have competed in the World Cup.
Thai people also hope to see Thailand as a leading team in Asia and competing in the World Cup. Perhaps the children’s dream will come true in the future. 
Sutipunt Bongsununt

Published : September 21, 2018