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Why did Interpol delete ‘wanted’ notice for Red Bull heir?

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Re: “Vorayuth pursuit ‘harmed’ by Interpol: Removal of red notice from website will hamper bid to bring Red Bull heir to justice”, Weekend Nation, September 1-2.

Is there any evidence to show it was ever posted on the Interpol website? 
Just curious … because the absence of the notice was displayed but never the fact that it was there, if my memory serves me right.
It is a publicly searchable website ... and yes he was on the website a few months ago.
This presumes that there actually WAS an effort to bring him to justice, something that is very much open to question.
Samui Bodoh
So, nothing to do with corruption and the incompetence of the Thai police, it’s those damn farang at Interpol.
Governments control what is on the Interpol list, not Interpol. 
Obviously, they were asked to take it down by someone very high up who has direct contact with Interpol issues.
I would bet everything I have that “justice” will not be served in this case; frankly why would this bad example of a human being ever want to come back to Thailand voluntarily? 
Super-rich, travelling the world in style. None of the other mechanisms work, mostly lip service from Thai authorities.
Interpol’s current president is Meng Hongwei, Deputy Minister of Public Security of China.
Interpol have been instructed to remove the notice. Red notice would not be removed without consent of the country of origin of the notice request. The RTP are likely passing fake news! And zero to do with a Chinese national being president of Interpol! 
By remarkable coincidence, the “red notice” magically disappears just as the new Formula 1 season is about to begin. If they want to catch him he was/will be here or hereabouts on the following dates:
March 25, Melbourne, Australia
April 8, Sakhir, Bahrain
April 15, Shanghai, China
April 29, Baku, Azerbaijan
May 13, Barcelona, Spain
May 27, Monaco, Monaco
June 10, Montreal, Canada
June 24, Le Castellet, France
July 1, Spielberg, Austria
 July 8, Silverstone, Great Britain
July 22, Hockenheim, Germany
July 29, Budapest, Hungary
August 26, Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium
September 2, Monza, Italy
September 16, Singapore, Singapore
September 30, Sochi, Russia
October 7, Suzuka, Japan
October 21, Austin, USA
October 28, Mexico City, Mexico
November 11, Sao Paulo, Brazil
November 25, Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi

Published : September 05, 2018