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WEDNESDAY, October 05, 2022
What we look for in a vacation

What we look for in a vacation

FRIDAY, May 11, 2018

We all spend time selecting the best accommodation for our budgets when we go on holiday, but what else do Thais look for in a place to stay.

According to a survey conducted by travel website of nearly 19,000 global travellers, 39 per cent of Thais say that interior design also plays a crucial role when selecting their holiday accommodation.
This has a huge influence on the enjoyment of holidays, as accommodation with great interior design creates a more memorable holiday, according to 84 per cent of Thai travellers.
When asked what the top “must-haves” would be when it comes to the look and feel of their holiday accommodation, comfort (72 per cent), a modern minimalist look (55 per cent) and eco-friendly feel (50 per cent) were cited as the key ingredients to creating the perfect place to stay. However, Thai travellers may be keen to unleash their green fingers, as natural light (48 per cent), wide-open spaces (38 per cent) and greenery (38 per cent) also ranked highly. On top of that, having something a bit different and staying in unique accommodation was also important for four in 10 Thai travellers.


What we look for in a vacation

Holidays are a time for experiencing new things and indulging in what isn’t available back home. Of those who sought these “must haves” in their holiday accommodation, a high proportion did not have these features back home. Twenty-eight per cent said their own abode didn’t have plenty of natural light, 36 per cent didn’t have any greenery and nearly 49 per cent said their homes weren’t modern. 
When it comes to features that really maximise the enjoyment of holiday accommodation, lighting is a key, recurring theme, with 46 per cent saying that great lighting is an accommodation must-have, but for a more vanity-induced reason – so that they can be confident that they look their best when getting ready.
As comfort was ranked as the top must-have, it’s no surprise that a comfortable bed was deemed the top item that people want to see when they arrive at their holiday home in order to have that ‘home away from home’ feeling. If a bed is comfortable and the bedroom is inviting, 60 per cent of Thai travellers even admitted they would choose to stay in their accommodation over going out in the evening.
It’s not just a decent bed that can stop them from venturing out of their holiday home. Thirty-seven per cent) of Thai travellers said that a well-stocked and easy to navigate kitchen was a must-have for that ‘home away from home’ feeling and in fact a well-designed spacious kitchen means travellers choose to eat in much more than dining out (51 per cent), meaning the role that accommodation plays on holiday is paramount to the overall experience.