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FRIDAY, October 07, 2022
Once-mighty United States now a country at law with itself  

Once-mighty United States now a country at law with itself  

WEDNESDAY, March 28, 2018

I am perplexed. This morning I watched the Anderson Cooper interview with Stormy Daniels and the subsequent discussion with the lawyers on CNN. My husband, Horace Beasley, was disappointed to see that Ms Daniels did not look quite as spiffy as she did in 2006.

I told him that nobody looks quite as spiffy as they did in 2006. I got the impression that Ms Daniels is as tough as nails, and that Mr Trump will soon regret that he ever, uh, came in contact with her.  Judging from Melania’s stone-faced demeanour nowadays, he probably regrets it already.
But that is not my point. Ms Daniels has hired a lawyer named Michael Avenatti. Mr Trump’s attorney is Michael Cohen. He did not appear in person, but had hired another lawyer, David Schwartz, to represent him. My question: Why does a lawyer have to hire another lawyer? Doesn’t he have faith in his own lawyerly abilities? Or has the US become such a litigious society that even the lawyers have to have lawyers?
I believe that the late Mr Shakespeare had the right idea when he had Falstaff declare, in one of his plays, “The first thing we do [after taking power], we kill all the lawyers.” My husband says that a country run by lawyers is a country in deep doo-dah. And I get the impression that the US is run by lawyers. It would be instructive to know how many members of the US Congress belong to that unlovely profession. My husband says that both houses of Congress are legislative bodies, so of course their members have to be lawyers.  
To me that is a fatal flaw in our system. It looks as if the US government is modelled on the Hindu worldview, which I am told maintains that our planet rests on the back of a turtle, which rests on the back of another turtle, and from there it’s turtles all the way down.
Is the US built on lawyers all the way down? If so, it’s no wonder we get nothing but talk from our government, whereas China, which is run by engineers, gets roads and bridges. A clarification from the US Embassy would be helpful in this matter.
Constance Beasley (Mrs)