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Most of the Thai women working overseas knew in advance they were going to be sex workers.

The only excuse they found acceptable is they were feeding their families back home.
This story will no doubt raise the anger of many Thais on social media ...probably much more so than the real issue of child prostitution trafficking, here in Thailand.
Ahhh with this, “nice innocent Thais are victims to foreign criminals” and “thailand is the happiest economy”. I can see the propaganda wing is in full flight.
“Angela, a so-called “day spa” where six Thai sex workers, the victims of human trafficking, had been forced to work.
    “They were never able to realise they were victims,” said Samantha Hernandez, social enterprise director of Elijah Rising, an NGO fighting to end human trafficking and social exploitation.” So, they did not consider themselves victims until these do-gooders turned up to tell them.
The easiest way to overcome the exploitation aspect is to decriminalise prostitution. This was done in Australia and guess what? The country did not fall into mayhem. Brothels are licensed and regulated and individual prostitutes can work from home alone without fearing the police.
Is there organised crime involved in brothels? Yes, but street prostitution is all but eliminated.
I know of more cases where Thai women have managed to snare naive Westerners to pay for their tickets and visas to Farang Land, and once their feet fall on the ground in the West, they drop the “boy friend” and start working in massage parlours; sending home enough money to buy land and build a big house back home in the village.
I've heard about Thai women asking their mothers what they can do to support the family, and the answers have been: “Go and sell yourself”.
Let’s hope the scum trafficking and sexual-exploiters of these victims are punished severely.
No victims here, these girls were working in Pattaya but had the opportunity to go to the US and earn twice as much. Of course they jumped at the chance. 
cat handler
Many years ago, when I was young and stupid, some friend asked me if I might be interested to meet a Thai woman.
I paid her ticket, guaranteed her, invited her, and there she was. Nice-looking woman, spoke some English, and disappeared. Found out she was working in a club. Went back to Thailand and came back again three months later, I understand.
Trafficking? Don’t think so.

Published : February 19, 2018