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FRIDAY, September 30, 2022
The technological leap that makes  finding MH370 a ‘sure thing’

The technological leap that makes finding MH370 a ‘sure thing’

FRIDAY, January 19, 2018
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Re: “‘Technological leap’ offers fresh hope of finding MH370”, Opinion/Features, January 11.

In horse racing, a fixed race is designed to produce a “sure-thing” winner. It seems likely that finding MH370 is now a “sure thing”, since its final resting place was detectable even before the Malaysian government signed the contract for a fresh search earlier this month.
This is because the real technological leap is not the sea drones of the Seabed Constructor search ship, but the METME*/Internet of Things (M/IoT) electronic juggernaut sweeping the world.
Discovered three decades ago, M/IoT technology is capable both theoretically and practically of tracking the missing plane’s final flight via reconstituted out-of-band cockpit harmonics. More significant still, M/IoT is the greatest commercial event in the history of mankind, integrating our physical world with the cybersphere.
The man behind the discovery of M/IoT is Englishman Graham Phillip Bloy of Missouri-based RF Controls (motto: “Identify, Locate, Track”). Bloy had previously worked with the US Embassy in Bangkok as a communications specialist. He then moved the METME project to the US and worked on it for a further four years with the Central Intelligence Agency.
The fresh search for MH370 prompts two points.
First, has there been any contact between Bloy of RF Controls and Ocean Infinity, the Texas-based company tasked with resuming the search for MH370?
Texas and Missouri are pretty close to each other.
Second, the Malaysians have offered US$70 million to Ocean Infinity if they find MH370. But that fee could double or triple if they find the right odds from bookmakers. Interested readers might want to keep an eye on betting activity around the search.
*Maximum Efficient Transfer of Modulated Energy.
Rocking and Rolling in Asia,
Al Eberhardt