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MONDAY, September 26, 2022
Expert on rewriting the law warns junta about breaking it... 

Expert on rewriting the law warns junta about breaking it... 

FRIDAY, November 10, 2017
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Re: “Political role for the NCPO could break law: Meechai”, The Nation, yesterday.

Depends whose law! 
“However, he said, if it was wrong, ‘then so be it’, suggesting that the NCPO would accept the consequences”
And what consequences would that be? With Article 44 and a full amnesty, there are no consequences for any actions, including the rampant corruption and nepotism under junta rule. Of course the NCPO will have a political role. Any election will be as rigged as the constitution “referendum”.
“The National Council for Peace and Order would risk breaking the law if it officially supports a particular political party, Meechai Ruchupan, head of the Constitution Drafting Commission and a member of the NCPO, warned yesterday.” 
Well, once Prayut decides to set up the political party he will just have to instruct Meechai to rewrite that law or add a loophole to make it all perfectly legal.
The law didn’t stop Prayut before, why would it stop him now? 
Meechai holds the world record for writing constitutions (3). And for writing failed constitutions (2 and counting).
Why would anyone listen to him?
Samui Bodoh
When all is lost, we still have Meechai to straighten up the NCPO and dash their political ambition. LOL. 
Eric Loh