Mon, August 15, 2022


Mystery behind the cheapinsults and hypocrisy

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For the umpteenth time JC Wilcox (Letters, August 26) slips into holier than thou mode, this time by accusing his right-minded detractors of peddling insults and then insults their intelligence in almost the same breath. Hypocrisy? You judge.

I and others have noted that Wilcox often uses attack-dog aliases to deflect their grossly offensive posts from himself. His clumsy attempts at disguise are noticeable a mile off.
Also and unlike the overwhelming majority he continues with his brown-nosed excuses for more evidence of Trump’s misconduct that we see on a near-daily basis, and which leaves another huge question mark over Wilcox’s flaky judgement.
The logical thought now is when he casts his next cheap shot, who will he be?
Simon Ordsall

Published : August 26, 2017