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WEDNESDAY, September 28, 2022
Anger over acquittal of former prime ministers

Anger over acquittal of former prime ministers

THURSDAY, August 03, 2017

There are those yellow shirts again, outside the court preventing people from leaving a building, threatening violence and causing people to flee. 

Where’s the Army? Why weren’t they arrested?

Hopefully they will be protesting Yingluck’s acquittal later this month.

Time for them all to be banned from politics, reds and yellows. Best thing the PM can do is bring someone fresh in and then ban himself and his mates. 
This country will never be able to move forward as long as the ones in power, and the ones who want to be back in power, only do it for their own benefit.

The truth lies somewhere between the bottom of a teacup and a pack of tarot cards. Mind the reconciliation isn’t going anywhere. The leopard wont change its spots, but the yellow shirts don’t or shouldn’t escape lightly. 
There are the small cases of an international airport lockdown and some irrelevant yellow-shirted guy that ran off to a temple for a religious experience, who caused mayhem and confusion and even alarmed looks of consternation on the faces of Yingluck’s circle of friends. 
One questions the junta’s wisdom in its nit-picking deliberate harassment of red shirts, even if they are all a team of tossers.
Why should he be convicted? The Thai judicial system has been far from independent in recent years and very much subject to political direction. 
Yesterday’s verdict was encouraging, but whether true independence has been established can only be seen over a long period of time, when a number of decisions can be scrutinised. 
We should be very wary of placing confidence in a system with such a poor record, and this of course includes Thaksin’s time and before. It cannot be denied that the judiciary was part of the establishment’s process to thwart popular democracy, especially given the drawbacks of military coups and street demonstrations. 
If I were a conspiracy theorist (I’m not) I might even wonder whether yesterday’s “soft” decision was an attempt to deflect criticism of a future “hard” decision. So let’s see. 
Cautious optimism is in order, but history has shown it’s almost impossible to underestimate the selfishness, ruthlessness and violence of those who want to strangle popular democracy in Thailand.

This is politics and it is done by the yellow shirts and the junta as well. You should open your eyes and understand the verdict of this trial: if they were found guilty, it would mean the Abhisit government and generals could be also be indicted.
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