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Chaturon lashes out at ruling junta’s ‘poor’ performance

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Re: Nation report, May 12.

To more correctly describe itself the National Council for Peace and Order should be re-named National Council for Disunity and Civil Regulation. 

I know little of the man (Chaturon) who is making these comments about the governance of the military junta but, regardless of who or what he is, he seems to be reasonably accurate in what he says. Most military people, particularly officers, have one character trait in which they excel and that is discipline. The fact that they like to practice their discipline skills on the plebeians is therefore not surprising. 
I suspect the Officer’s Mess is a factory for their poorly-thought-through policies; particularly in the later hours prior to closing.

Chaturon is always right. He's the only honest, intelligent politician Thailand has that doesn't have a huge blind spot for establishment corruption and abuse, so I doubt he will ever again achieve a position of power.

I am no Pheu Thai/Red Shirt flag waver, but Chaturon has pretty much hit the nail squarely on the head.
Stay tuned for Prayut’s response.

It’s a junta, what do you expect? Was there ever a military dictatorship in the history of the world who did a great job in governing a country?
Jeremy50/Thai Visa

Published : May 14, 2017