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THURSDAY, September 29, 2022
Next chief monk needs to get temples to cut noise

Next chief monk needs to get temples to cut noise

SUNDAY, January 17, 2016
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I don’t know much about the politics involved with picking the next Buddhist leader for Thailand.

It wouldn’t surprise me if exchanges of money were involved, like all other top job slots. No one is going to ask me, but here’s where my vote would go: To whichever candidate pledges to make wats better neighbours. I’m mostly concerned about noise pollution. 
There are wats all over Thailand. All of them have fallen in love with microphones and powerful amps needed to power them. 
Preaching and chanting is fine for the monks at the wat, but should it be loudly broadcast throughout the surrounding community? No. Yet, that’s what happens. In some Thai towns, the chanting and loud sounds start broadcasting before 5 am. How presumptuous! pump one’s sounds into thousands of neighbouring houses. If I was a primitive/reactionary thinker, I would counter by blasting my favourite sounds at the wat. 
There are two reasons I don’t do that: #1 I’m not a vindictive and immature person, and #2, protectors of Buddhism might show up at my door, very angry and threatening. 
Hopefully, the next top Thai Buddhist will enact rules for wats to be better neighbours, but it’s doubtful.
Kip Keino