Sun, August 14, 2022


Russian navy head meets crew of sunken missile cruiser - defence ministry

The head of the Russian navy, Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov, has met with crew members from the sunken missile cruiser Moskva and said they would continue to serve in the navy, the defence ministry said on Saturday (April 16).

On Thursday (April 14), Russia said the Moskva sank after an ammunition explosion. Ukraine said it hit the vessel, the flagship of Russia's Black Sea fleet, with a missile.

The Russian defence ministry released a 26-second video showing Yevmenov and two other officers standing outside in front of around 100 sailors on a parade ground. It showed them speaking to one man.

The ministry did not say when the meeting took place.

Russia has said all of the 500 crew were rescued after the blast late on Wednesday (April 13).

Ukrainian officials have said some of those on board died but have provided no evidence for the claims.

Published : April 17, 2022

By : Reuters