Tue, August 09, 2022


Putin meets Macron to discuss Ukraine, European security

Russia's core concerns on security were ignored by the United States and NATO, Putin said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with visiting French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday to discuss the Ukrainian crisis and the security issue in Europe.

The meeting was businesslike and useful, Putin said at a joint press conference with Macron following their hours-long talks in the Kremlin.

Russia's core concerns on security were ignored by the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), while the military alliance attempts to lecture Russia on where and how to place its armed forces, Putin said.

He told Macron that Kiev refuses to comply with the 2015 Minsk agreements on a peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian issue and even aims to dismantle the deals.

Putin reiterated Russia's opposition to NATO's eastwards expansion.

During the briefing, Macron said that he believes there is still an opportunity to find a peaceful path for Europe, where new mechanisms are needed to ensure security and existing pacts should be preserved at the same time.

He said that there is no alternative to a political solution to the Ukrainian crisis and the Minsk agreements remain the basis of it.

As for Moscow-proposed security guarantees between Russia and the U.S.-led NATO, Macron said that negotiations should continue, although it won't be easy to reach a consensus.

Putin and Macron agreed to talk over phone after the latter's visit to Kiev on Tuesday.

Published : February 08, 2022

By : Xinhua