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WEDNESDAY, September 28, 2022
Several places of Yangon rocked by explosions

Several places of Yangon rocked by explosions

TUESDAY, August 31, 2021

Explosions occurred in some places of Yangon city such as Hledan, Insein, North Oakkala, South Oakkalapa and Yankin on the morning of August 30.

Local residents said they started to hear a series of explosions near the North Oakkala Roundabout at about 5.15 am.  

A blast occurred under Hledan Overpass in Kamayut Township at about 5.40 am, locals said.

“In early morning, I heard a loud explosion and saw smoke billowing up,” said a resident.  

Moreover, explosions were heard near Yankin Post Office and in South Oakkala Township.

Local residents in Insein Township also said they heard about five explosions between 4.42 am and 5.27 am.

“The explosions were very loud. I even felt the earth shaking,” a resident in the township said.   

In Insein Township, explosions were reported at the traffic police office at Pauktawwa traffic lights, another office at Japan Street traffic lights, near Insein Railway Station and at the traffic police office at the BOC traffic lights.