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THURSDAY, September 29, 2022
All human beings are ghost magnets, says Malaysian ghost hunter

All human beings are ghost magnets, says Malaysian ghost hunter

FRIDAY, August 24, 2018
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All of us are ghost magnets and have magnetic properties, said Malaysian ghost researcher Augustine Towonsing.

However, some of us are unable to see ghosts because “we refuse to believe in ghosts’ existence, having never seen them – in pure energy form. This is because how we see ghosts is limited to our five senses.”

Towonsing, 49, is founder of Malaysian Ghost Research ( and associate international member of the UK Geographical Association.

He said: “The human body comprises double organs situated on the right and on the left, proving that man, like other bodies manifesting magnetic properties, is a magnet having two poles which absorb, store up and radiate a subtle form of energy to and from surrounding space.

“As man is a magnet, man too is capable of being influenced by other energy sources, including the strong electromagnetic energy field that represents ghostly presence, similar to the earth’s magnetosphere reacting to the electromagnetic radiation of the solar wind. Hence, our bodies are extremely sensitive to any kind of disturbances related to ghostly presence existing in a unique geomagnetic field form.”

Some cultures believe that the spiritually weak or people with the “third eye” can see ghosts. There are also urban legends that people can perform certain acts to see ghosts!

Towonsing also shares his thoughts with Star2 on things related to ghostly happenings or paranormal activities:

Star2Is it true that the burning of kemenyan (Malay for incense) can cleanse a home and chase spirits away?

Towonsing: The burning of incense, like in seance practices, produces smoke and smell. Incense is used to contact a spiritual being.


Augustine Towonsing checking a ghostly fingerprint on a torchlight during a ghost research outing. Photo: Japarin Towonsing

Can someone who is being chased or followed by spirits ward them off?

Believing that spirits follow and haunt one will never happen. Spirits or ghosts who follow us are those of loved ones. In all my 14 years of being a solo ghost researcher, I have never been followed home nor haunted by ghosts after each ghost research.

(Whilst Towonsing is sceptical about ghosts chasing the living, a man once told Star2 that he and a friend had to run for their lives from attacks by a ghost and that he had to take measures to stop the vengeful ghost who followed him home!)

Can ghosts harm the living?

Ghosts and spirits can hurt the living, from the spiritual perspective. Our minds and emotions are vulnerable to ghostly and spiritual attacks because these characteristics are in the form of vibrations translated as energy.

Our minds and emotions are too vulnerable to fear, which is a state of mind that can be easily manipulated by ghosts and spirits.

There is no documented or reported scientific evidence that proves that spirits of the dead can hurt the living. Hollywood movie-makers suggest that ghosts, in the form of demons, can harm the living – this is one example of a misleading perception about spirit existence.

Is there really black magic?

Black magic may sound ridiculous to those who have never been victims of it, but it is truly hell for those who have experienced it. It is beyond scientific explanation but, from the spiritual perspective, black magic indeed exists.


Augustine Towonsing during a solo ghost research in a farm. Photo: Japarin Towonsing

Is it true that talismans are helpful to keep ghosts away?

A talisman is not necessary if one has the ability to manage one’s own mind. The skill of positive mind management is not only important in our daily lives, but also holds the key to exploring the unknown. Furthermore, our mind creates our own reality – present and future, based on positive or negative thoughts, yet the outcome of it truly depends on the Law of Attraction within one’s mind.

There was a story of a tenant who performed a ritual to cleanse the rented house, soon after moving in. This triggered off the occurrence of the back door of the house shaking violently, so the tenant called in the cops. Later, she called in a bomoh who advised her to hammer nails on both sides of the door frame. What purpose do the nails serve?

Nailing both sides of the door frame is to ensure a stronger door frame. Perhaps, in the spirit world, it is to ensure that “the intruders” (ghosts or evil spirits) can’t enter the real world.

Why is it that only people become ghosts after they die? If everyone became a ghost when he/she dies, wouldn’t the world be overcrowded with ghosts/spirits?

The ghost/spirit/soul exists in the form of an electromagnetic field – pure energy that holds one’s personality as a unique electromagnetic field. The spirit world is big enough to contain the ghost population and it will never be overcrowded because ghosts/spirits exist in the form of energy.

Furthermore, ghosts do not stay on forever in the physical world as a ghost or earthbound spirit. In other words, a ghost only temporarily stays on within our domain until they have found new resolutions for unfinished business such as unsolved emotional burden during their life on earth, or being grounded by others who do not permit their beloved to move on to the higher plane of spirit existence.

Do heaven and hell exist?

Heaven and hell co-exist through the belief about the universal principle: the concept that everything exists in dualism. However, the belief in heaven and hell may vary, based on people’s beliefs and cultures.

Can holy items scare ghosts away?

We can’t deny that certain holy items may really be imbued with holy power, but this does not mean that these items can scare ghosts away. Everything reverts to one’s understanding on what ghosts are, how much one understands ghost terminology. However, the secret that can remove a pesky spirit is unconditional love.

Holy items do not scare ghosts as portrayed in Hollywood movies. In fact, the scientific perspective sees things as happening for a reason, in line with the universal principle of cause and effect.

The truth is, ghosts are not something to be feared, but to be acknowledged with respect and kindness.