Fri, August 12, 2022


Flood warnings issued for 3 more provinces as monsoon intensifies

The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department issued a flood warning for three more provinces on Friday as heavy rain lashed the country.

Residents have been advised to prepare for floods in Udon Thani (Kut Chap district), Nakhon Phanom (That Phanom district), and Trat (Muang, Khlong Yai, and Khao Saming districts).

Meanwhile, Chiang Khan district in Loei province is also threatened by rising levels in the Mekong River.

The department advised residents to follow updates from government agencies and warned them to beware of dangers from electrocution, venomous snakes and insects washed out by the floods. Drivers should also be cautious of being caught in strong floodwater currents.

So far, five provinces across the country have reported flooding this week.

The flood-hit provinces range from Mae Hong Son and Mukdahan in the North to Udon Thani in the Northeast, Pathum Thani in Central Region and Phuket in the South.

A total of 87 households in eight districts have been inundated by floodwater since Tuesday, said the department. However, the floodwater was receding and no injuries or deaths had been reported in the eight districts.

The department said it was coordinating with local agencies to mount rescue efforts. Meanwhile officials are assessing flood damage for remedial measures from the Finance Ministry.

The public can report flooding via the department’s 1784 hotline or Line ID @1784DDPM.

Flood warnings issued for 3 more provinces as monsoon intensifies

Published : August 05, 2022