Tue, August 16, 2022


Thailand, Israel sign MoU on cybersecurity cooperation

The national cybersecurity agencies of Thailand and Israel have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on cybersecurity cooperation.

The MoU signing ceremony was held in Bangkok on Wednesday with Israeli ambassador to Thailand Orna Sagiv signing it for the Israeli National Cyber Directorate.

General Pratya Chalerwat, secretary-general of the National Cyber Security Agency, signed the MoU for Thailand.

The MoU is aimed at facilitating cooperation between the two agencies by exchanging information and policies as well as developing personnel and cooperation in education and cyber industries of the two countries.

The Israeli ambassador said her country has created new innovations that can enhance cybersecurity for various organisations.

She said the world has became more vulnerable to cyber-threats because of the increasing focus on digital operations.

She said cyber-threats would be dangers without borders, so countries should join hands to fight them by exchanging information and learning from one another.

She said the MoU between the two countries served to affirm the friendship and trust between the two nations.

“The MoU points out that we will join hands to face new challenges together,” the ambassador added.

Published : July 07, 2022