Thu, August 18, 2022


Bangkok open-air movie festival begins tonight

The Bangkok open-air movie festival that will screen films for free starts tonight at the Lan Khon Muang ground in front of City Hall with Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt promising to be present.

Employees of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration are making preparations for the movie screening since Thursday morning. They have set up a giant movie screen and an open air sound system and cordoned off the cement ground with metal barriers to welcome movie-goers in the evening.

The BMA is collaborating with the Thai Film Directors Association, the Thai Film Archive and the open-air movie club to screen movies for free at various spots in Bangkok on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays starting from July 7 till the end of this month. The first movie of the night will be screened at 7pm.

The cooperation is aimed at stimulating the economy and promoting the Thai movie industry as well as providing moral support to Bangkokians hit by Covid-19 and the economic crises, the organisers said.

Chadchart, who came to jog at the Lan Khon Muang at 5am, told reporters that he will come to see the movie with heartthrob actor Jesdaporn “Tik” Pholdee.

Bangkok open-air movie festival begins tonight The programmes of the first two weeks are:

Lan Khon Muang:

July 7: 2499 Anthapal Krong Muang (1956 – Year of Hooligans)

July 8: Wela Nai Khuad Kaew (Time bottle)

July 9: Prae Dam (Black satin)

True Digital Park in Phra Khanong district

July 7: Rot Fai Fa Ma Ha Na Ther (Riding the Skytrain to see you)

July 8: 36

July 9: Mae Nak Phra Khanong (Nak, the ghost of Phra Khanong)

Klong Toey Youth Centre in Klong Toei district

July 14: RRR

July 15: Mon Rak Transistor (Love comedy of transistor radios)

July 16: Boonchu Phu Narak (Lovely Boonchu)

Bangkok open-air movie festival begins tonight Rot Fai Park in Chatuchak district

July 14: 4 Kings

aJuly 15: Portrait of a Lady on Fire

July 16: Sawan Mued (Dark heaven)

Published : July 07, 2022