Tue, August 16, 2022


Chadchart seeks THB79-billion BMA budget

Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt on Wednesday proposed a draft budget of 79 billion baht for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration for fiscal 2023.

Chadchart said the budget for next year was prepared under a balanced budget policy to ensure that all agencies have enough money on hand for their operations and projects.

This is how the budget will be divided:

> Operational costs for each district office – 17.41 billion baht, or 22.04 per cent of the total budget

> Overall administration costs – 14.5 billion baht, or 18.36 per cent

> City development – 10.55 billion baht, or 13.37 per cent

> Natural resource and environment – 10.11 billion baht, or 12.8 per cent

> Public health – 2.01 billion baht, or 2.55 per cent

> Social and community development – 933.52 million baht, or 1.18 per cent

> Economic and commerce budget – 193.95 million baht, or 0.25 per cent

> Security, law and order – 166.35 million baht, or 0.21 per cent

> Education – 644.11 million baht, or 0.8 per cent

> Debt repayment – 5.12 billion baht, or 6.49 per cent

> Budget for other agencies under the BMA – 2.95 billion baht, or 3.74 per cent

> Central budget expenditure – 14.37 billion baht, or 18.19 per cent.

Chadchart seeks THB79-billion BMA budget

Chadchart pointed out that although preparation for the 2023 budget draft had begun since November last year, before he took office on June 1, 2022, he adjusted some of the details to suit his vision and policy for the Bangkok administration.

“I want Bangkok to be a livable city for everyone and have employed the Global Liveability Index of EIU [economist intelligence unit] to form 200 policies across nine dimensions to achieve such a goal,” the governor said.

“The nine dimensions are environment, public health, transport, security, administration, structure, economic, creativity, and education,” he added.

Members of the city council will consider the budget draft on Thursday, with the meeting expected to wind up at around 8pm.

Chadchart seeks THB79-billion BMA budget

Published : July 07, 2022