Tue, August 16, 2022


Politician reports another embarrassing water leak at new Parliament

Thailand’s new 12.2-billion-baht Parliament complex has sprung another big leak after a heavy downpour, former Democrat Party MP Watchara Petthong said on Saturday.

That was the third such incident reported by the politician this year.

He said rainwater had flooded the ground floor of the complex on Friday evening where an exhibition for the 90th anniversary of Thai parliaments was being held.

The politician said he had received a video clip of the flooded wooden floor.

He said there often were leaks — big and small — in “dozens of spots” throughout the Parliament complex after heavy rain, sometimes causing flooding. He claimed Parliament cleaning staff were instructed by their supervisors not to tell outsiders what happened.

Watchara blamed the leaks on construction defects caused by insufficient quality control by the subcontractors, substandard materials and poor specifications.

Politician reports another embarrassing water leak at new Parliament

In March, Watchara reported that the Parliament complex was partly flooded after tap water gushed out of a large leaking pipe, causing “what looked like a big waterfall”.

He said this was not the first time such an embarrassing incident had occurred inside the huge complex, which cost over 12 billion baht in taxpayers' money to build.

A month later, the politician reported that the building’s parking complex was partly flooded after pipes leaked. He said the complex could be flooded even without rain.

Between September and October last year, rainwater leaked into several areas of the building, including the Suriyan Hall where MPs gather for meetings.

The new Parliament complex officially opened in May last year.

Published : July 02, 2022