Wed, July 06, 2022


10 houses destroyed in blaze at Bon Kai community

More than 10 houses were destroyed after a fire broke out in the Bon Kai community in Bangkok on Tuesday.

Traffic radio JS100 first reported at 1.12pm that a fire had broken out in the community on Rama IV Road. There were no reports of any casualties.

Firefighters and rescuers travelled to the area and found that the fire had started at a two-storey wooden house and spread to nearby houses.

After around half an hour battling the fire, the firefighters still could not control it and had to install more nozzles to control the flames from spreading.

Meanwhile, traffic in the nearby area was closed to help a bedridden patient reach King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital.

It was reported later that the fire had started and spread in the area of the community where people lived in wooden houses. The narrow entry path to the community made it difficult for the firefighters to fight the flames. More than 10 fire trucks and some ambulances were standing by outside.

10 houses destroyed in blaze at Bon Kai community

Praram Radio Center 199 reported at around 2.20pm that the firefighters were finally able to control the fire within the area, while JS100 reported at 2.33pm that the fire had been extinguished. Officials will investigate the cause of the blaze soon.

FM91 Trafficpro reported at 3.12pm that Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt will also travel to the scene.


10 houses destroyed in blaze at Bon Kai community

Published : June 21, 2022