Thu, August 11, 2022


Thalugaz head back to Din Daeng for protest on Monday evening

Thalugaz anti-government protesters called on members to regather at Din Daeng Intersection in Bangkok on Monday to demand the prime minister’s resignation.

The so-called “14 Warlords of the People” posted on the Thalugaz Facebook page that the group would rally peacefully on Monday evening to demand the government also release protest leaders arrested earlier.

“Today, we’ll stand peacefully at the Din Daeng Intersection. We’ll stand for the stop of the detention,” the 14 Warlords posted on Monday.

The Thalugaz page said protesters would also demand release of their friends, identified only as Weha, Kathathorn, Kongphet, Boong, Baipor and Sombat.

“Don’t let the issue fall from public attention. Don’t leave anyone behind,” the page said.

Thalugaz head back to Din Daeng for protest on Monday evening On Saturday, protesters rallied at Victory Monument to call on Prayut to resign. That protest passed off peacefully, but hardcore Thalugaz members then regrouped at Din Daeng intersection in the evening. Police blocked their path to the prime minister’s residence inside the First Infantry Regiment compound, while protesters responded by lobbing firecrackers and setting a police car on fire.

Published : June 13, 2022