Thu, August 18, 2022


Court will be asked to block unregistered taxi apps for safety of passengers

The Land Transport Department (DLT) has teamed up with the Digital Economy and Society Ministry to put the brakes on illegal taxi applications.

Digital Economy and Society Minister Chaiwut Thanakamanusorn met with DLT director-general Jirut Wisanjit to find a solution to the problem of unregistered taxi apps.

Chaiwut pointed out that some taxi service apps or digital platforms have not been authorised. He did not name them but wanted them to obtain a licence and employ measures to take care of both drivers and passengers for the sake of security and protection.

The minister said there is a law that supports taxi services so he had asked existing and new unregistered taxi application operators to follow the law.

The government wants it to be more convenient for people to use apps when hailing taxis, he said.

However, the ministry and the DLT will request the court to block illegal apps, he added.

Court will be asked to block unregistered taxi apps for safety of passengers

Meanwhile, Jirut said cooperation between the DLT and the ministry was aimed at organising taxi service apps so they are legal, safe and beneficial to residents.

He confirmed that there are some apps that have not registered with the government and plainly said that what they are doing is illegal.

Jirut therefore met with Chaiwut to inform him and ask him to enforce the Computer Act.

He asked residents to report any “illegal” taxis along with their plate numbers to the DLT.

Published : June 02, 2022