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FRIDAY, September 30, 2022
Prices raised on a host of consumer goods from today

Prices raised on a host of consumer goods from today

WEDNESDAY, June 01, 2022

The price of many consumer goods jumped on Wednesday due to increasing production costs in transportation, packaging and materials, in line with rising energy prices.

Consumers are feeling the pinch even though the Commerce Ministry has placed price controls on a wide range of goods – instant noodles, eggs and meat, canned food, bagged rice, seasoning sauces, vegetable oils, soft drinks, milk and dairy products, electrical appliances, cleaning products (including detergents), fertilisers, insecticide, animal feed, iron, cement, paper, drugs and medical equipment, and services of wholesale and retail shops.

Also, the Department of Internal Trade warned that any manufacturer who raises prices of these products and services will face imprisonment and fines.

Despite this, the price of many products has risen, such as eggs which basically cost around THB3.50 each from THB3.20, beer THB70 per bottle from THB65 and energy drinks THB12 per bottle from THB10.

On Wednesday, prices were raised on a host of products:

> Softener from THB15-18 a sachet of between 550 and 600 millilitres to THB18-20.

> Toilet paper from THB69 per pack of six to THB72.

> Oyster sauce from THB37 for a 800gm bottle to THB42.

> Dishwashing liquid from THB38 per refill pack to THB40.

> Canned fish from THB10 apiece to THB12-14.

> Soy milk from THB12 per bottle to THB15.

> Soap bars from THB10-15 each to THB12-15.

> Fruit juice from THB36 per pack of four to THB42.

Prices raised on a host of consumer goods from today

The wholesale price of instant noodles increased by THB10 per pack on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the price of Pepsi has not risen right now despite the manufacturer warning that cans and bottles will cost THB1-2 more from Wednesday.