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FRIDAY, October 07, 2022
'Healthier women key to a healthier world'

'Healthier women key to a healthier world'

WEDNESDAY, June 01, 2022

A Thailand-based pharmaceutical company focusing on women’s health has joined hands with the US Embassy in Bangkok, the Ministry of Public Health and Kenan Foundation Asia to promote “Smart Family Planning Policy” under the theme “Her Promise on Her Day”. 

Organon Thailand will also partner with the Ministry of Public Health on family-planning and women’s health efforts. This collaboration aims to promote a healthier society in Thailand while recognising women as the foundation of healthy families and communities.

'Healthier women key to a healthier world'

Koen C Kruijtbosch, managing director of Organon Thailand, said: “Throughout our one-year journey, Organon has always believed that women are key to creating a healthier world, and that providing a healthier future for women also immediately results in a healthier future for their families and communities. Hence, Organon would like to celebrate our first anniversary by expanding our collaboration with both public and private sectors to solve the unintended pregnancy and low birth rate problems, which are currently major challenges in Thai society.”

“With our expertise in reproductive health, Organon is ready to support health-related organisations. We strongly believe that our collaborations will help drive the success of Thailand’s Smart Family.”

'Healthier women key to a healthier world'

Charge d' Affaires of the US Embassy in Bangkok, Michael Heath, said in his speech: “We are proud of the work US companies like Organon do in Thailand. US companies are making investments to empower women, improve health, and bring new and innovative solutions to tackle challenges.” 

“The ‘Smart Family Planning for Women’ project is just one example of the great work that can be done when government, private companies, and non-governmental organisations collaborate. I applaud the Ministry of Public Health's initiatives to develop programmes that directly affect women’s health and that support women’s economic empowerment. Thailand does not stand alone in tackling these social and economic issues.”

The government sector is entering into collaborations to tackle the issue of Thailand’s falling birth rate that could lead to an aged society in the future.

Deputy Minister of Public Health Dr Satit Pitutecha said: “The current issue of Thailand's low birth rate has directly contributed to the country's declining population, leading to an aged society in the near future. Concurrently, Thailand is also coping with unintended teenage pregnancies and low-quality birth issues.” 

'Healthier women key to a healthier world'

“To address these concerns, the Ministry of Public Health has launched a policy to prevent unintended pregnancies among teenagers and promote quality births by establishing initiatives such as intrauterine devices and contraceptive implants at the NHSO [National Health Security Office] nationwide, as well as service fee support for safe pregnancy termination.

“The ministry is promoting a policy for women with infertility conditions, providing the right to those women to receive initial screening. We are pleased to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Organon by working with partners to promote Thai women's health, in hopes of strengthening Thailand's public health system and building a healthier society overall,” he said.