Tue, June 28, 2022


Bangkok cross-river ferry fares to rise by 0.5 baht from Wednesday

Fares to cross the Chao Phraya by ferry will go up by 0.5 baht per trip from Wednesday (June 1) due to the rising price of diesel fuel, the Thai Boats Association (TBA) announced on Saturday.

Fare rises will apply on the following eight routes:

1. Bang Si Muang Pier-Nonthaburi Pier, up from 3.5 baht to 4 baht

2. Wat Rakhang Pier-Wang Lang Pier (3.5 baht to 4 baht)

3. Thonburi Railway Pier-Tha Phra Chan Pier (3.5 baht to 4 baht)

4. Wang Lang Pier- Prannok Pier (3.5 baht to 4 baht)

5. Tha Tian Pier- Wat Arun Pier (4 baht to 4.5 baht)

6. Ratchawong Pier-Ding Daeng Pier (3.5 baht to 4 baht)

7. Si Phraya Pier-Khlong San Pier (4.5 baht to 5 baht)

8. Oriental Pier-Wat Suwan Pier (4 baht to 4.5 baht)

The Marine Department approved the fare hike, citing increased costs shouldered by ferry operators from the rising diesel price this year.

“Furthermore, the Covid-19 situation has also resulted in a sharp fall in passengers, from around 5,000-6,000 people per day before the outbreak to 400-500 people per day now,” said TBA deputy permanent-secretary Suthee Suphaporn.

He said boat operators could not continue in business without the fare rise.

He added that the association also requested price hikes for Chao Phraya express boats and Saen Saeb canal services, but the Marine Department asked it to postpone the hike to avoid adding to people’s financial burdens.

Published : May 28, 2022