Mon, June 27, 2022


Food producers eyeing cannabis extracts required to register with FDA

Food manufacturers planning to use marijuana and hemp extracts once they have been removed from the narcotics list on June 9 will be required to register with the Food and Drug Administration for a food directory number.

“The registration aims to ensure that food manufacturers have followed safety procedures and related regulations regarding the use of cannabis and hemp parts as announced by the Public Health Ministry,” Dr Withit Saritdeechaikul, FDA’s deputy secretary-general, said on Thursday.

Food manufacturers wishing to add tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) to their products can apply at the FDA head office in Nonthaburi. Manufacturers from other provinces can register at their local public health offices.

He said this regulation only applies to food manufacturers. Restaurants or other establishments that serve fresh food will not have to apply for a food directory number.

“However, restaurants will be required to follow the Department of Health’s regulation by clearly displaying a warning that dishes served have cannabis or hemp in them,” he said.

The warning should also specify that the products will not be served to persons below the age of 18, pregnant women and nursing mothers. It should also warn people to stop eating if they develop any allergic reactions, as well as to avoid operating vehicles or machinery after consumption as THC or CBD spiked food can cause sleepiness.

Published : May 27, 2022