Mon, June 27, 2022


Honest Bangkok moto-taxi driver spurns wallet reward

A Bangkok motorcycle taxi driver was lauded not just for his honesty, but also for his generosity when he handed over a dropped wallet and refused the reward.

Preecha Mudlung, 39, went to Prachachuen Police Station in Chatuchak district to report he had lost his wallet on Saturday while heading to work on his motorbike.

Meanwhile, motorbike taxi driver Somnuek Sitthiprom and a passenger were at the same police station to report they had found a wallet.

When Somnuek asked Preecha if the wallet he found was his, Preecha checked it and found that his ATM card, ID card, driving licence and 4,000 baht in cash were all there, untouched.

Preecha said when he could not find his wallet he decided to report the loss to the police so he could freeze his ATM card.

Somnuek said he found the wallet on the road while he was delivering a passenger. He said he picked up and opened the wallet with the passenger as a witness before heading to the police station.

Preecha then tried to hand 500 baht to Somnuek, who refused it, saying Preecha probably needed it more due to the current economic situation. The motorbike taxi driver, however, said he would settle for two bottles of energy drink. Preecha, meanwhile, said he was so happy that there are still some good people in society and wanted to share this story.


Honest Bangkok moto-taxi driver spurns wallet reward Honest Bangkok moto-taxi driver spurns wallet reward

Published : May 21, 2022