Mon, June 27, 2022


How to cast your vote in the Bangkok governor and council elections

Elections for Bangkok’s governor and councillors will take place on Sunday from 8am to 5pm. For people unsure of the rules and those casting their ballot for the first time, The Nation offers a step-by-step guide on how to cast your vote successfully and avoid spoiling your ballot.

- Remember the date and time. Polling stations open on Sunday May 22 and voting will be allowed from 8am until 7pm – a total of nine hours.

- Each voter will get two ballot papers. The A4-size brown one is for voting in the governor election. The smaller A5-size pink paper is for voting in the city council election.

- Check your name on the board in front of the polling station in the district where you live or online at

- Show your ID card, or similar card issued by the government, to the polling station staff and sign your name (or use your thumbprint) on the stubs of both ballot papers to receive the ballots.

- Take both ballot papers to the voting booth. Mark “X” in the box next to the number of the candidate you wish to choose. Select ONLY ONE candidate per ballot. If you do not wish to vote for any candidate, then mark “X” in the lower right corner box which says “I do not wish to vote for anyone”.

- Remember to use an “X” – making any other symbol will mean your vote is not counted.

- When you have marked your ballot papers, put them in the corresponding ballot boxes.

Anyone unable to vote on May 22 should notify their district office so as to get permission to cast their vote 7 days before or after the election date (May 15-21 and May 23-29).

Published : May 20, 2022