Thu, August 18, 2022


Bid to curb frequency of adverts on YouTube

The Consumer Protection Board (CPB) is looking to cut down on the number of advertisements that can interrupt YouTube videos, an informed source said on Friday.

In response to complaints from Thai viewers, the agency will check if the frequent adverts on YouTube violate the Consumer Protection Act, which stipulates that advertising must not harm a consumer’s physical or mental health or cause annoyance, the source said.

“CPB is studying this matter to see what should be done. [Frequent advertising] certainly disrupts viewing pleasure, but action that is taken should also be fair to the private sector,” the source added.

The agency brought this matter up with the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) but was told that the regulator has no direct authority regarding this matter.

CPB has also held an informal meeting with the Digital Economy and Society Ministry, which has maintained that a court verdict on the matter is required before any concrete action can be taken, the source said.

Bid to curb frequency of adverts on YouTube

YouTube viewers are familiar with adverts popping up and disrupting videos. Ad-free service is only available to paid subscribers.

The CPB source said that in dealing with the YouTube issue, the agency may refer to existing rules on television advertising, which limits the frequency of ads to protect viewers’ rights.

“Future measures may be based on the regulations controlling TV adverts, so consumers’ rights can be best protected,” the source added.

More than 42.8 million people in Thailand, or about 61 per cent of the population, watch YouTube, according to data as of early this year.

Up to 77.8 per cent of the population or 54.5 million people are connected to the internet in Thailand, the Global Digital Report 2022 shows.

An estimated 27 billion baht has been spent on digital advertising so far this year, with YouTube being the second most popular platform for advertisers after Facebook, Thailand’s Digital Advertising Association says.

Published : May 13, 2022