Mon, June 27, 2022


Mark Buddhism Week, Visakha Puja Day with online candlelight procession

Buddhists can take part in an online candlelight procession via a website to mark Buddhism Week and Visakha Puja Day from Thursday until Monday.

Buddhists can join Buddhism Week at the (Vienthian or candlelight circular procession must be typed in Thai), the organiser said.

The website was developed by NextGen Solution, KAAB House and Search Entertainment Group.

The organisers said that those who decline to go out for the candlelight circular procession at temples on Visakha Puja Day on Sunday could take part in the online procession to commemorate the great day of Buddhism.

Visakha Puja Day is celebrated to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and nirvana of Lord Buddha. This year, Visakha Puja Day is celebrated on May 15.

Due to Covid restrictions, many temples may not hold candlelight circular processions as usual.

When Buddhists visit the website, they are presented with two options — to perform a candlelight procession or to pray, hear a preaching or practice meditation.

To access each option, they must use their Facebook or Line account.

When they select to perform online candlelight procession, they can select to perform virtual procession at a temple in Thailand, a temple abroad or a historical site related to Lord Buddha.

There are a set of wishes for Buddhists to select, and they can share their online procession with their social media friends.

If they select the other options, they can choose to take part in chanting Buddhist prayers, or hear preachings of well-known monks or practice meditation.

The services are free of charge.

Published : May 12, 2022