Fri, August 12, 2022


Respiratory specialist has some advice as Thailand transitions from pandemic to endemic

A respiratory specialist has come out with a few health suggestions for people to follow as the Covid-19 situation improves, which will eventually lead to the government lifting all restrictions on foreign arrivals.

“As Covid-19 moves towards becoming endemic, people should embrace the following steps to prepare for a full reopening,” said Vichaiyut Hospital’s Dr Manoon Leechawengongs in a Facebook post on Thursday.

“First, everyone needs to get two doses of vaccination and then a booster shot to keep their immunity high. It is highly recommended that the booster shot should be a mRNA vaccine such as Pfizer or Moderna,” he said.

“For those in high risk groups such as elders and people with chronic health problems, they should get another mRNA shot four months after a booster just to be on the safe side,” Manoon said.

“Secondly, we still need to wear a face mask in public, crowded spaces and in areas with poor ventilation. The mask will not only protect you from the Covid virus but also help prevent against most respiratory communicable diseases, including influenza, RSV and tuberculosis,” the doctor pointed out.

He also suggested those who have fever, a cough, sore throat or a runny nose should take an antigen self-test. If the result is positive, they must remain in home isolation for at least 10 days while wearing a face mask at all times. Patients must wash their hands immediately if they came in contact with phlegm or nasal mucus.

“As for others who have no symptoms, please wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol hand sanitiser after touching objects such as doorknobs, elevator buttons and stair rails. Avoid picking your nose or rubbing your eyes, or at least wash them thoroughly before and after,” he advised.

“Lastly, everyone should remain vigilant of the situation but do not be too afraid to live your life under new normal standards,” he added.

Published : May 12, 2022