Tue, August 09, 2022


Country to be hit by thunderstorms from Friday to May 5

The Thailand Meteorological Department (TMD) warned people to beware of thunderstorms from April 29 to May 5.

Thailand is entering the pre-southwest monsoon period, a transition from the hot to rainy season.

The wind system before the rainy season will vary:

  • South or southeast wind: morning to late morning.
  • Southwest wind: afternoon to night.

South and southeast winds will blow humidity from the Gulf of Thailand across the country, which will cause thunderstorms in some areas. Meanwhile, eastern and southeastern winds will blow the humidity to cover the Gulf of Thailand and the South, which will lead to scattered thunderstorms there.

The TMD advised people to prepare for thunderstorms in some areas, while those working in the open should beware of heatstroke.

The department also said that on some days the weather might be hot as there would be numerous wind currents. The rainy period depends on the wind direction.

Country to be hit by thunderstorms from Friday to May 5

Published : April 27, 2022