Sat, June 25, 2022


Highway police coming knocking to serve arrest warrants in Chiang Rai

Highway police in Chiang Rai proved that traffic violators cannot get away easily when they showed up at the homes of two law-breaking motorists to serve them with arrest warrants.

In a post on the Highway Police Division’s Facebook page, the Highway Police Station 5 said the two were served arrest warrants because not only did they repeatedly violate the traffic law, but also refused to pay their fines.

The northern provinces of Phayao and Chiang Rai come under this station’s jurisdiction. The suspects, identified only as Warissorn and Karn, were arrested in cooperation with Muang Chiang Rai Police Station.

According to the post, Warissorn had jumped traffic lights and ignored traffic signals 47 times, while Karn had jumped traffic lights 25 times.

“The two never paid fines and continued violating traffic law,” the post said.

Highway police coming knocking to serve arrest warrants in Chiang Rai The highway police said these two were arrested to prove to other motorists that they cannot get away without paying their traffic tickets.

“We are not sure who came up with the idea that motorists do not have to pay fines when they get their tickets and can repeatedly violate the law. Though we may be quiet, we can track them down to their door. How can they possibly continue committing the same wrongdoing again and again and think they can get away with it?” the post said.

Published : April 15, 2022