Tue, June 28, 2022


Thai firms urged to adapt under Green Deal goal for business opportunities in the EU

The European Union’s directorate-general for environment, Astrid Schomaker, emphasised the importance of the EU’s Green Deal goal, urging Thai companies to integrate their businesses towards a sustainable economy for opportunities in the European Union.

Schomaker made the remarks in an exclusive interview with The Nation during her March 26-29 visit to Bangkok.

The EU Green Deal, which has been adopted and designed as a systemic response to the three major issues of climate change, biodiversity and pollution, is a sustainable growth strategy as well as the driving force behind the EU’s internal and external policies, including trade. 

It is also intended to transform environmental challenges into opportunities for business, growth and job creation.

As for Thailand carrying out business with the EU within the Green Deal framework, Schomaker pointed out three important initiatives – the legislative proposal for Deforestation, the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, and mandatory social and environmental due diligence across supply chains.

Thai companies can gradually adapt in order to integrate their businesses and move towards a sustainable economy with the EU because, despite the challenges, this would create increasing opportunities for businesses that would benefit from technological progress and experience exchanges, she said, adding that the EU is ready to support its partners in terms of technical assistance for businesses which want to embark on a green innovative and digital transition journey.

Schomaker made it clear that any Thai companies looking to conduct long-term business can rely on the EU’s openness. 

From the government and business end to collaborating for good understanding of upcoming requirements and seeking guidance, Thailand can turn to concerned European Commission services and their representatives based in the kingdom, she said. 

Furthermore, they can seek recommendations, support and assistance from European and bilateral Chambers of Commerce, which have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of sustainability, as the “EU is the most advanced global player in terms of environmental technologies, renewable energies, sustainable farming, and more”, she added.

Schomaker said there would be challenges ahead in order to move forward sustainability, but “we must think about our future generations and the world in which they will live. Let us be inconvenienced for now in order to have a much better green future”, she concluded.

Published : March 30, 2022