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SATURDAY, December 03, 2022
Thais worried about rising costs, poor govt performance, survey finds

Thais worried about rising costs, poor govt performance, survey finds

SUNDAY, March 27, 2022

A recent opinion poll has learned that most Thais are worried about the rising cost of living and the government’s poor performance.

Results of the Suan Dusit Poll, conducted among 1,047 people nationwide from Tuesday to Thursday last week, were announced on Sunday.

Most of the questions were open-ended and allowed respondents to give more than one answer.

When asked what they were most worried about, 89.73 per cent chose the rising cost of living and rising prices of consumer goods and energy. Other answers were economic slowdown (87.43 per cent), poor administration (73.70 per cent), Covid-19 situation (71.21 per cent) and the behaviour of politicians (70.44 per cent).

When asked about how worried they are, 56.73 per cent said they were mildly worried, 38.87 per cent extremely worried, 4.01 per cent not so worried and 0.48 per cent not worried at all.

When asked to explain why they are worried, 80.97 per cent put it down to rising prices, 57.10 per cent named the so-called government subsidies, while 47.25 per cent said they could not make ends meet.

As to what they want the government to do, 75.77 per cent said the administration should listen to people’s views, 71.61 per cent want the powers-that-be to pay more attention to people’s quality of life instead of politics, while 66.57 per cent want more government subsidies.

As for the immediate future, 76.14 per cent said they are being patient and waiting for things to change, 58 per cent said they were resigned to their fate, while 57.23 per cent said they were surviving by thinking about their families and the ones they love.