Tue, August 09, 2022


Govt looks for ways to tackle growing mountains of infectious waste

The Department of Health is joining up with other relevant agencies to find a way of tackling the growing mountains of infectious waste.

Attaphon Kaewsamrit, the department’s director-general, said on Wednesday that he had discussed this issue with the Department of Industrial Works, Department of Local Administration, Office of Energy Regulatory Commission and Nonthaburi Municipality.

He said infectious waste is increasing significantly, adding that a rising number of people using ATK tests at home is also contributing to the surge.

He reckons that by April, Thailand will be producing an average of 789 tonnes of infectious waste daily, while waste disposal facilities nationwide can only handle some 342.3 tonnes daily.

Attaphol said his department and relevant agencies have resolved to find 11 additional waste disposal sites with a capacity to get rid of 1,189 tonnes of waste per day. The total disposal capacity will rise to 1,532 tonnes per day, which should be enough to deal with the mountains of infectious waste nationwide.

The department has also come up with guidelines for the disposal of infectious waste. For instance, people isolating at home are advised to separate waste contaminated with mucus, saliva and other secretions from other infectious waste because it poses a greater risk of spreading the disease. People are advised to pack the high-risk waste properly before disposal in designated areas.

Those who do not have access to infectious-waste disposal areas are advised to sanitise the waste before binning it.


Govt looks for ways to tackle growing mountains of infectious waste

Published : March 11, 2022