Sun, August 14, 2022


Most Thais in favour of law controlling NGOs’ funding, work, survey finds

A recent opinion poll shows that most Thais are in favour of a new law that demands all non-profit organisations, including grassroots communities, to provide details on their source of funding and control their activities.

In a NIDA Poll conducted between January 10 and 12, 52.36 per cent of the respondents said they strongly agreed with the requirement to disclose sources of funding, 11.26 per cent said they completely disagreed, 7.69 per cent said they didn’t quite agree, while 0.91 per cent were not interested.

As for NGOs disclosing the amount and purpose of funds received, 58.14 per cent strongly agreed, 26.03 per cent somewhat agreed, 8.45 per cent totally disagreed, 6.92 per cent didn't quite agree, and 0.46 per cent were not interested.

When asked about prohibiting NGOs from engaging in activities that may be seen as affecting national security, 34.70 per cent said they strongly agreed, 25.50 per cent totally disagreed, 22.22 per cent somewhat agreed, 15.83 per cent slightly agreed and 1.75 per cent were not interested.

Regarding activities that may be seen as creating divisions in society, 44.52 per cent strongly agreed, 21.31 per cent disagreed, 19.86 per cent somewhat agreed, 12.79 per cent were totally against it, 1% said they quite disagreed, while 1.52 per cent were not interested.

As for the prohibition of activities seen as the pursuit of state power or in favour of political parties, 46.95 per cent strongly agreed, 23.52 per cent totally disagreed, 19.03 per cent somewhat agreed, 8.75 per cent disagreed and 1.75 per cent chose not to answer or were not interested.

When asked about how regulating NGO activities would affect rights, liberties and integration, 31.28 per cent said it would have a somewhat negative impact, 22.83 per cent said there would be no impact, 19.63 per cent said it had a big impact, 19.03 per cent see little impact, while 7.23 per cent had nothing to say.

Published : January 16, 2022