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CyberCrime investigators nab 131 scam suspects, 400 others monitored

The CyberCrime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) has arrested 131 people for allegedly sending out scam text messages, the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) said on Thursday.

The authority has also suspended more than 600 phone numbers and is waiting to take action against 400 suspected scam artists.

Trairat Wiriyasirikul, NBTC acting secretary-general, said the 131 suspects are believed to have caused damages worth more than 317 million baht.

He said NBTC has been working with mobile phone operators to block 600 numbers that are allegedly being used to send messages to trick people into transferring funds for online gambling, pornography, digital currency and stock-trading websites.

Trairat said the agency also has the names of 400 suspects.

He urged people to be careful with suspicious text messages and not rush to open the attached links. He also urged people not to provide their personal information or engage in financial transactions via these links.

People who receive scam text messages or phone calls can take a screenshot or record the conversation before calling the NBTC 1200 hotline or the call centre of their mobile service provider.

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CyberCrime investigators nab 131 scam suspects, 400 others monitored

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