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Excited Baitong Jareerat vies for Miss Earth crown

A thrilled "Baitong" Jareerat Petsom is all set to compete in the Miss Earth 2021 finalé on November 21, hoping to win the crown and be awarded the prestigious, high-profile vocation of global environmental ambassador.

Baitong will be proudly attired in the national costume of "Rung Arun", representing the beauty of traditional architecture with inspiration from the capital's famous Wat Arun, or Temple of Dawn.

After winning the Miss Earth Thailand 2021 title, Baitong graced the stage in the first round of the Miss Earth 2021 pageant, hosted by the Philippines on Friday evening.

She was among contestants from 86 countries who competed virtually in evening dresses.

Excited Baitong Jareerat vies for Miss Earth crown

Baitong enlightened reporters that the 21st Miss Earth contest is a virtual one, with all 86 contestants required to send in 20 presentation videos under various topics to the pageant judging panel.

She said there would be a live question session, with the final round held on November 21 and the winner going on to be crowned the world’s environmental ambassador.

"The national costume I will be wearing is called 'Rung Arun'. The costume was inspired by Wat Arun, the Thai landmark temple that reflects a collection of fine arts in the early period," she said.

"My dress is decorated with a modern twist of the unique traditional pattern of Phra Prang of Wat Arun. The materials used are up-cycled and recycled elements, which are completely ecofriendly," the beauty queen explained.

"I am excited to be representing Thailand. This year's theme is 'Colours of the Earth', in which each contestant has to choose a colour to express themselves. I chose white as a brilliant overview of this year as the pandemic situation eases," Baitong added.

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Excited Baitong Jareerat vies for Miss Earth crown

Published : November 08, 2021