Thu, August 11, 2022


DES Ministry warns of fake Thailand Pass registration website

Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DES) on Friday warned people of a website claiming to let visitors register for Thailand Pass, a new system for vaccinated visitors who wish to enter Thailand that has replaced the Certificate of Entry (COE) since November 1.

“The website address is,” said DES spokeswoman Nopphawan Huajaiman. “The ministry’s Information Department has investigated and confirmed that it has no affiliation with the DES or any government agency.”

“To apply for Thailand Pass, you must visit, which has opened for registration since November 1 at 9am,” she said. 

DES Ministry warns of fake Thailand Pass registration website

Nopphawan added that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been working with Digital Government Development Agency (DGA), the developer of Thailand Pass registration platform, to ensure the smooth operation for all registrants. “Since the registration platform is still new, some users might experience some problems when using the website. The responsible agencies are aware of this and will fix them as soon as possible,” she said. “DGA is also working on optimizing the Thailand Pass website for mobile phone users.”

For further information about Thailand Pass, contact Ministry of Foreign Affairs at or Tel. 0-2203-5000. To report a fake news, contact DES’s Anti Fake News Centre at or Hotline 1111 Ext. 87.

Published : November 05, 2021