Sat, June 25, 2022


Police officers wife shoots 14-year-old daughter dead then jumps to her death

A 42-year-old wife of a police officer tragically shot her 14-year-old daughter in the head before jumping to her death from the fourth storey of police flats in Rayongs Klaeng district on Thursday morning.

Klaeng Police Station officers found the body of Phipapon (last name not provided) on the ground in front of the flats.

Police subsequently called in Phipapon's husband Pol Captain Pradit (last name not provided), a sub-inspector (suppression) at Klaeng Police Station, to take them to his room inside the police flats.

Officers then found the body of Apinhapon (last name not provided), Pradit and Phipapon's daughter, on the bed.

Police, who initially acknowledged that Phipapon shot her daughter dead before jumping from the fourth-floor room, are carrying out an in-depth investigation into the murder-suicide.

Published : November 04, 2021