Mon, June 27, 2022


Floods will clear soon if there are no storms in next 5-10 days

The authorities believe floods in the Central region will clear soon provided there are no storms in the next five to 10 days.

The government has set up an integrated water management plan, stipulating 10 measures to cope with the rainy season, government spokesman Thanakorn Wangbookongchana said on Wednesday.

He also said that floods this year are not like those in the past, while the Office of National Water Resources (ONWR) has confirmed that water level in the upper part of the country is still low.

He added that the floods are being caused by more than 90 millimetres of rain daily, which can still be accommodated as sea levels will only rise at the end of September.

“No storms are expected in the next five to 10 days, which means there will be enough time for the floods to drain away. The Royal Irrigation Department has also adjusted its water management plans and is accelerating discharge from dams in the upper part of the country,” Thanakorn said.

“The PM has instructed both central and provincial authorities to adjust water-management plans and keep the public informed about the situation,” he added.


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