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SATURDAY, October 01, 2022
DDPM issues guidelines for people living in flood-prone areas

DDPM issues guidelines for people living in flood-prone areas

TUESDAY, September 28, 2021

The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) has issued a set of guidelines for people to follow, especially if they live in low-lying areas at risk of flash flooding from runoffs.

The department has advised residents to take the following steps:

  • Track weather forecasts and pay strict heed to warnings.
  • Monitor changes in natural surroundings, such as rising water levels or the water getting muddier than usual.
  • Pack necessary items, food and important documents, and place the bags in a spot where they can be immediately picked up when evacuating.

In the event of flooding:

  • Place valuables in high areas, evacuate pets and move vehicles to a safe place.
  • Turn off all switches and the mains to prevent electricity leakage.
  • Do not use or even touch appliances when the body is wet or if the floor is wet. Do not get close to power lines, electric poles or touch conductive media as there may be electricity leakage.
  • Always wear boots when wading into the water to protect yourself from poisonous animals or sharp objects that may be underwater. Use floating materials for support.
  • Avoid paths where the water is flowing at a high current or if the water level is high.

Help can be sought by calling the 24-hour DDPM 1784 hotline or contacting via Line ID @1784DDPM.