Sun, June 26, 2022


Boy narrowly escapes shooting in Trang, which kills both his parents

A latex trader and his wife were shot dead inside their car on Thursday, while their son reportedly escaped the attack with a broken leg.

The incident took place in Trang’s Ratsada district. Police arrived to find a Toyota Fortuner at the scene with two bodies – Weerayut Khun-in, 39, behind the wheel and his wife Waraporn Piandee, 39, on the passenger seat. Their son Wasitpon Khun-in was in the back seat with a broken leg. He was later taken to Thung Song Hospital in Nakhon Si Thammarat for treatment.

Initial investigation showed that the family was returning from Nakhon Si Thammarat’s Thung Song district and were very close to their home. Then a pick-up truck came from behind and several shots were fired at the Fortuner before the pickup disappeared.

Officials believe the crime may have stemmed from personal or business conflicts or Weerayut may have been involved in illegal dealings.

Police said they have some idea of who may have been behind the shooting and will check local CCTV cameras and images captured on dashboard cameras of cars nearby.

Published : September 10, 2021