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Nurse accused of transferring money from account of comatose Covid patient

A nurse at a private hospital used a comatose patients smartphone to transfer cash from his account, a post on Facebook alleged.

The post went viral on Sunday, but was later invisible as the user may have deleted it or reset privacy.

The Facebook user said the victim was his girlfriend's father who later succumbed to Covid-19. He said he had filed a complaint with hospital executives and police.

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He explained that after her father had died, his girlfriend had checked his account on his smartphone. She found that there was only THB1,500 left in the account from the previous THB5,000.

He added that his girlfriend's father lost consciousness on August 23 and became critical on August 30.

"Cash was transferred three times: THB1,000 twice to the account of Miss Suthamas on August 26 and 27 and THB1,500 to make a payment on August 30," the post said.

"In addition, the nurse deleted the transfer slips and avoided charging the smartphone, so I believe she has done this to many patients so far."

Published : September 06, 2021