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FRIDAY, September 30, 2022
Egg production adequate to cope with sudden surge in demand

Egg production adequate to cope with sudden surge in demand

MONDAY, August 09, 2021

The demand for eggs is currently about 10 per cent higher than in normal times, but the country’s total production capacity of 40-41 million pieces per day is enough to meet people’s demand, the Association of Hen-Egg Farmers, Traders and Exporters said on Sunday.

“People tend to buy more eggs during a lockdown and while working from home, while those who are in home isolation to monitor their symptoms often buy eggs in bulk for consumption,” association president Mongkol Pipatsattayanuwong said. “Furthermore, some organisations buy eggs in large numbers directly from the farms for donation as part of their humanitarian campaign. These factors have caused demand for eggs to rise and some markets are experiencing egg shortage for a brief period.”

“To ensure comprehensive distribution of eggs to all markets, the association has urged farmers to prioritise selling eggs to existing trade partners ahead of new buyers, which may include middlemen who aim to sell eggs at a higher price when eggs are still in high demand,” added Mongkol.

“Meanwhile, the association will monitor egg supply closely and make sure that there are enough eggs for consumers.”

Last week the Department of Livestock Development allowed egg farmers nationwide to extend the raising period for laying hens to meet domestic consumption and maintain egg price stability amid the Covid-19 lockdown. The move is expected to help increase egg production by at least 1 million per day in addition to the current production of 40 to 41 million eggs each day.