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Thais rally to ensure 4 Sukhothai sisters don’t lose their home

The family of four elderly sisters in Sukhothai may win an extension on eviction orders soon, their lawyer Kittinop Suwanroj said on Wednesday.

The lawyer has called on the provincial court to order a stop to their eviction, for which the deadline is Thursday (June 17).

Kittinop spoke to the press after meeting with the Sukhothai provincial prosecutor and the creditor who bought the house in 2019.

Thais rally to ensure 4 Sukhothai sisters don’t lose their home

The issue caught public attention earlier this week when the sisters, aged 94, 82, 80 and 77, begged the media to help them before the house they have lived in all their lives goes to a new owner.

The house in Sukhothai’s Sri Samrong district had been mortgaged for a loan of 450,000 baht by one of the sisters’ nephews, who failed to repay the loan. The 3 ngarn 97 square wah (approximately 1 hectare) property was then sold under court order for 980,500 baht to cover the loan plus interest. The remaining 365,000 baht was returned to the family.

The eldest sister, Proy (last name withheld), said she, her three sisters, her son and daughter, have spent their entire lives in this house and will have nowhere to go if they are thrown out.

A source revealed that since the story went viral, people have been donating money to the family so they can buy their home back. The family has so far received more than 800,000 baht in donations.

Published : June 16, 2021