Fri, August 12, 2022


Budget bill draft gets initial nod from MPs

The draft fiscal 2022 budget bill was approved in principle by the House of Representatives in a vote on Wednesday night.

Of the 472 members of Parliament present in the House, 269 MPs voted in favour, 201 against and two abstained.

The House will now appoint 72 committees to consider the budget bill and propose an amendment within 30 days. The committees will hold their first meeting on June 4 at 10am.

The fiscal 2022 budget bill is proposed to be THB3.1 trillion, and its allocations will include:

Central budget: 571.04 billion

Prime Minister’s Office: 34.01 billion

Defence Ministry: 203.28 billion

Finance Ministry: 273.94 billion

Foreign Ministry: 7.61 billion

Tourism and Sports Ministry: 5.16 billion

Social Development and Human Security Ministry: 24.66 billion

Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation Ministry: 124.18 billion

Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry: 110.12 billion

Transport Ministry: 175.85 billion

Digital Economy and Society Ministry: 6.97 billion

Natural Resources and Environment Ministry: 28.32 billion

Energy Ministry: 2.71 billion

Commerce Ministry: 6.52 billion

Interior Ministry: 316.52 billion

Justice Ministry 24.32 billion

Labour Ministry 49.74 billion

Culture Ministry: 7.10 billion

Education Ministry: 332.39 billion

Public Health Ministry: 153.94 billion

Industry Ministry: 4.38 billion.

Published : June 03, 2021